Disma-l Dealings Storyline

March 16, 2019

 Storyline hosted by Aliss Gulford


Chapter One

Back In The Saddle


"The night was quiet in Southern Thanalan , as the party formed. We were to clear out a mob of arisen undead that was terrorising the area around Little Ala Mhigo. We traveled down the area where the surprisingly small mob congregated and oh boy... We hadn't a clue of what we stumbled into. One of them, clad in red and wielding a staff proved to be deathly to fight against, as it dodged every attack we threw at it, and even bit through Jax's metal armor! It vanished mid fight, leaving us with a decapitated body, a flailing corpse, and a slow zombie. Two of them died easily, but Oz somehow couldn't kill the slow one, and in fact took massive damage from one of the most pitiful attacks I've ever seen. This slow zombie took ages to kill, as it had a special charm that gave it untold amounts of luck with it's shambling. We managed to put it down, and were ready to leave, when I was unceremoniously scooped onto a bone mares back, and thrust with a crystal by the zombie in red... Or as he said himself, Disma. He said something about fear and thirty days, and vanished from sight, leaving me on the floor with a mark on my chest, and a sense of dread."


Chapter Two

One Foot In The Abyss

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