A Familial Trade

March 5, 2019

Chapter One

Foil of Fraud

Storyline hosted by: Alisst'a Gulfor


"It was a bright day in the Southern Shroud. Peaceful even. I waited for the contracted mercenaries, and found that many more came than I had anticipated. It seemed it mattered not that I was Duskwight. Anyroad, with them in tow, we marched towards the Mun-Tuy Cellars, where the arrestees, Gerrick Halidom and his cronies lay in wait. We were ambushed by hirelings once we were but few yalms away from the cellars. They... Well suffice it to say they were brutalized. One of them was set alight by a thin Miqo'te, then forced to the ground by a Roegadyn, and finally stomped on by an acrobatic Miqo'te. Another had his leg severed in one fell swoop by a Lalafel, and bled to death shortly afterwards. The last one standing had made it by the skin of his lips, but there was no escaping judgement, and he fell too. Once Gerrick ran out, and saw the chaos before him, and turned himself in. After that, I dragged them in, and now they await trial." 




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