Sparring 3/4/19

March 5, 2019


It is time for some sparring once again!

To start off the event Aniryel Caelum faced off against Brave Forest!


 Brave would be using her usual over-sized axe to fight against Anir's Dragoon lance! 

Brave got the first hit against Anir using her blunt axe, but Anir quickily tried to fight back after being knocked back! Anir would end up cutting into Brave, dealing some good damage to the over-sized tree women! Anir would end up being no match for the giant Brave, as Brave would claim victory.


U'jax Tia would then jump in to try and take out Brave Forest.

U'jax started off the match with a pounce, trying to take down the big Brave but would end up failing as Brave simply caught him and threw him aside.  This fight was short, Brave made quick work of the tiny cat man.


Brave was then kicked off of the fighting field to give someone new a chance!



Up next Aliss faces off against R'naya Mitnu!

Two lovers, sparring for the victory!

The two block, block, and parry each other's attacks for awhile until Aliss ends up getting the first strike against R'naya!

Aliss would end up knocking R'naya down onto her knees, R'naya would reply by sending a volley of fireballs right at Aliss's face!!!

Kor would try to jump into the fight, threatening to murder Aliss if the fight continued, and so the bodyguard had to be removed. The fight would then continue once more and Aliss would claim Victory.



Tanine would face off versus S'aroris Tia next!

And a few other matches would take place throughout the night, until the Sparring event came to an end.


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