Bloody Rose For Naught Storyline

February 22, 2019

Chapter One


Kiwita Kiwi has grown concerned due to her primary ingredient seller has not responded back to her claims. Worried enough, she enlisted the help of a few hands from the Stalwart of Embers to see what happened. With her support of a full party, they ventured out into Highbridge of Eastern Thanalan to where her seller lived. Upon arrival to his home, they found quite the scene. His chambers were ruined, destroyed and soaked in blood in near every inch. Upon investigating, the party found no clues inside but a small trial of blood was discovered. This trail lead outside and out onto the road a slight bit before vanishing. A keen eye was used to spot out a pushed path along the outside brush, in which led to a former campsite that gave evidence of the same blood as before spotted. As the party investigated this scene, two brass blades came up and poked themselves into the search. While charming words and a handful of gil were nearly enough to grant the support of these two 'bought' guards, it was for naught when they became suddenly hostile. The furthering battle resulted in their deaths, leaving little for clues besides that a man had bought them out, a day before the murder occurred. Upon inspection of the two deceased men, a note of paper with a few names and locations were written upon it. The first name, Matrin Golbrah of the Golden Bazaar. Perhaps this could be for our next investigation on the matter.


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