The Review - Enchanted Lotus

February 3, 2019



Cirinatani and I got to visit the Enchanted Lotus a few days ago! It was a lovely cafe ran by a local Free Company. The cafe itself was quite a sight, with beautiful furniture all around, enough to make one quite jealous. The menu? The menu was beautifully designed, infact, it is the best looking menu I have ever seen. The staff was quite friendly, as was the atmosphere. It was a lot of fun, and the food and drinks themselves were quite good. I look forward to coming there in the future, especially with more of the Embers.

 - R'niruh Tyaka




"The service and food of the establishment was great, I loved it. Our Free Company, the Stalwart Embers, got to enjoy it all. The Far Eastern decor was quite lovely to gaze at, and it was pleasant for the Eorzeans to see aspects of the Thavnairian culture. I look forward to the next time that we all get to enjoy the hospitality and food available."


- Cirinatani Boorlaq

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