The Review - Uranami Onsen II

February 2, 2019

Written by Artemis Hunters & Rasmus Cayne

Pictures by Foxa Sulti

Edited by Foxa Sulti


A social event with the friendly neighbors Uranami Onsen. Walking into the their mansion, which gives off a golden glow, it makes you feel at peace. Such a gentle feel to it. The main floor was filled with so many people from all races. Some looks like strong warriors that will protect the world. The air is filled with the smell of Doman food! It’s enough to make your mouth water. Just looking at it alone, it looks as though you can eat two platters full! The attendants are dressed of doman. They are super nice and will always be available to help out. None will let you down. They will even answer any questions you might have. As for the visitors, they are super nice too. This is a good place to make friends. To have a cup of tea or a bottle alcohol and share stories and laughs. As for the hot tubs, oh my gods. It is so relaxing that you feel like you are in heaven. The design is...breathtaking. Whoever decorated the mansion should make a living designing interiors for people.


-Artemis Hunters




"Come dawn, I left the comfort of my tastefully appointed room to venture out under a beautiful Limsa Lominsan sun. For much of the day I lounged upon the beach and strolled the coastline near Mist, watching the ocean spray upon the rock below.


That evening I returned to Uranami Onsen, where I imbibed ale from the far-eastern region of Doma. Though their methodology in brewing technique and ingredient profile was unfamiliar, the satisfaction within a cool glass of beer was all too present.


Seeking a more intimate place to wander the paths of my inner thoughts, I was shown to the saunas. With the variety of dry & wet steamrooms, I felt as some prince may; with such choice in luxury. There I drained away the hours, steeped in the warmth of burning coals, letting the heat fill my lungs


. ...and there you should be; for having spent two nights with the hosts of Uranami Onsen I can not recommend better if you seek rest and relaxation dispensed by experienced hospitality experts."


- Rasmus Cayne




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