Rasmus Review - Uranami Onsen

February 1, 2019

Article written by Rasmus Cayne

Edited by Foxa Sulti


"On the eve past I had the pleasure of visiting the Uranami Onsen by the Sea Wellness Spa, joining colleagues from the Embers for well deserved bout of rest & relaxation. Though I found myself beleaguered by the cultural extravagance, our hosts were quick to settle any concerns and welcome us to their facilities.


We were helped by an attentive young lady by the name of Izumi, who was quick to make recommendations from the menu that I found seething with exotic delicacies, a quality of which left me enraptured. The Popoto Soba in particular set me on a path of culinary adventure, the fare being as delicious as it was peculiar.


Upon completion of supper I was happy to leave the table and explore the facilities further, finding the staff helpful in guiding me to the public bathes. It was here that I could let warm waters cut away the tensions of the day. There was an abundance of folk about the pools, each in turn chatting in pleasant, low voices. In a word, the experience was wonderful.


In such a place I found my thoughts put to ease, free to consider the jobs to come while my weary muscle received the leisure that it needed. I left the Uranami Onsen fully recovered of mind and body,  eager to throw myself back into the heart of adventure."


- Rasmus Cayne

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