Dusk Before Dawn Storyline

January 28, 2019

Introduction Chapter

The Chosen's Schemes - Kobald Klaims 



"Having heard reports of cultists aligning with kobolds, the Stalwart Embers gathered to find out what they could. Unbeknownst to them, their true prey was waiting for them. A robed figure wielding Void magic commanded a Dullahan; 'living' armor, to attack. Defeating them, the armor was motionless and the robed figure dissolved into nothingness -- the enemies were gone and the Embers were victorious. Arriving home, they tended to their wounded as they held a nameday party for a Lalafell named Mari."


Chapter 1

The Chosen's Schemes - Chasing Nightmares



"The Stalwart Embers were victorious in Lower La Noscea. However, the cultists escaped. Fleeing to Coerthas, they managed to get through Camp Dragonhead without any trouble. Camping on a cliff that overlooked most of the Northern area, they were found by the Embers. The course-of-action taken was violence to get what was sought. Defeating them, after quite the difficulty, a journal was found! The riddle written was thus; "The gift has been delivered. Its gaze is set unwavering; vigilant over the procedures. From iron we cast out the impurities. Temper yourselves, brothers, for a time is coming that will see us saved!" The message is cryptic, but what could it mean? It would take quite the intellect to decipher it, likely. Along with the journal were crates! Two held ice and wind crystals, respectively. One was filled with Ishgardian weaponry and armor while the other simply had pouches of gil! What could the cultists be doing, and for what purpose?"

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