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Attribute [A1]

Main Attributes

[Everyone starts off with 3 in every Main Attribute]

Agility - Ranged attack damage.
Dexterity - Defense 

Dodge - Ability to evade attacks.
Intelligence - Magic attack damage.
Strength - Damage related to melee combat.
Vitality - Health.
Wisdom - Healing effectiveness.

Secondary Attributes

Accuracy - Hit chance

Itemization - Skills with both crafted and usable items. Proper use of potions, throwables, and other special accessories.
Luck - Every two points in luck allows you to dodge an attack that would otherwise hit, or succeed on a failed physically-untaxing action. Event wide cooldown. 
Resolve - Reduces the effectiveness of mental attacks which might cause mental breaks.
Speed - Initiative order

Misc Attributes

Athletics - Sprinting, climbing, heavy lifting. General endurance. 

Arcana - Knowledge of magical wards, runes, and spells.

Charisma - Charm / leadership.
Survival - Cooking, medical, general support skills.
Mechanical - Tech related skills. Needed for the operation of mech related tech and weapons.
Knowledge - General knowledge, useful for scouting.
Finesse - Acrobatics, thievery, and stealth.


Attributes will be rounded down if needed for formulas. 

A Usage [A2]
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Attribute Usage.png


Attack vs Defense + 50% Enemy Attack Attribute

A melee attack with a strength of 9 vs an enemy with 2 defense and 10 strength = 2 damage dealt. 

A mixed attack such as a magical arrow shot uses the same formula as above but with the additional stats. In this case, it becomes: Agility + Intelligence - Enemy Defense + 50% Enemy Intelligence + 50% Enemy Agility

If an attack lands - and was not dodged, it will always deal a base damage of one regardless of defensive stats. 


Determined by the Vitality Attribute.


Determined by the Defense Attribute +50% of main Attribute's skill matching the incoming attack type.

Hit Chance & Dodge Chance

50% Attack Stat + Accuracy - Enemy Dodge + Enemy Speed

A melee attack with a strength of 10 and an accuracy of 5 has a total accuracy of 10. For this attack to hit, it has to target an enemy with a total dodge chance of 9 or lower.

Magic Healing

75% Wisdom + 25% Intelligence = Heal Total

Item Healing

Base Item + 50% Itemization = Heal Total

Crafted healing items such as potions have a base heal equaling 50% of the crafter's Survival and Knowledge attributes.

Food eaten outside of encounters heal for 75% of the cook's Survival attribute, and 50% of the eater's bonus Vitality.


Base [20] + 5*Resolve Attribute

A player with 5 points in resolve has a resolve total of 45

When your resolve reaches 10 you take x2 damage

When your resolve reaches 0 you can not attack for three turns and are stunned.

Mental attacks lower resolve.

Resolve Defense & Offense

Enemy Intelligence + Enemy Charisma vs Player Resolve + Player Intelligence

Swap for Offense version

Racial [A3


Seekers of the Sun: +1 Speed, +1 Athletics, +1 Survival

Keepers of the Moon: +1 Accuracy, +1 Charisma, +1 Knowledge


Midlanders: +1 Luck, +1 Survival, +1 Charisma

Highlanders: +1 Resolve, +1 Arcana, +1 Athletics

Au Ra

Xaela: +1 Itemization, +1 Survival, +1 Knowledge

Raen: +1 Accuracy, +1 Charisma, +1 Finesse


Sea Wolf: +1 Speed, +1 Mechanical, +1 Charisma

Hellsguard: +1 Resolve, +1 Survival, +1 Athletics


Duskwight: +1 Speed, +1 Arcana, +1 Mechanical 

Wildwood: +1 Accuracy, +1 Arcana, +1 Knowledge


Dunesfolk: +1 Luck, +1 Charisma, +1 Arcana

Plainsfolk: +1 Resolve, +1 Arcana, +1 Mechanical


Veena: +1 Itemization, +1 Survival, +1 Charisma

Rava: +1 Accuracy, +1 Finesse, +1 Athletics


Helions: +1 Resolve, +1 Athletics, +1 Mechanical

The Lost: +1 Luck, +1 Athletics, +1 Charisma

Rank Bonuses [4]

Cinders [Starting Stat Total]

10 Main Attributes

12 Secondary Attributes

16 Misc Attributes


10 Main Attributes

14 Secondary Attributes

18 Misc Attributes

Azure Flames

10 Main Attributes

15 Secondary Attributes

20 Misc Attributes

Azure Blades

10 Main Attributes

16 Secondary Attributes

24 Misc Attributes

To assign additional attributes points you earn once you rank up you can re-submit your character sheet with the new attribute point allocations.

01 Cinder Badge.png
02 Flame Badge.png
03 Azure Flame.png
04 Azure Blade.png
05 Blazing Flame.png
A Usages [A5]


If the player has 5 or more points in Finesse than an attack dealt while stealthed will hit without fail, unless enemy mechanics make the target immune in some way.

An attack done while in stealth deals additional damage equal to 50% of the player's finesse skill.

If they have a finesse skill of 10, the attack will deal 5 extra damage.

Players can not reenter stealth directly after coming out of it. Players will always lose the stealth buff when they attack or take damage while stealthed.

Post Combat Healing

Depending on the encounter, healers will usually have time to heal the injured after combat. However, the person can only be healed for two health. It doesn't make sense to be fully fit and ready to fight again after a few spells or a bandage!

Buffing / Debuffing

Buffing a friendly player is determined by the buff itself. For example, trying to inspire someone will require the Charisma attribute. Due to this, the DM will get to decide how effective / successful a buff attempt is depending the person's attributes and buff attempt.

Debuffs are in a similar situation. Their success or failure depends on the buff attempting to be applied as well as the player's and enemy's attribute totals. Debuffs can also be applied ontop of a normal attack, for example, if you cut an enemy's neck they are likely to gain the bleeding debuff.


Counters are tied to the Riposte buff. A counter turn is a free turn where the person can attempt to strike the target that attacked them. Hit or miss, this attack does not take up the user's normal turn.

C Buffs [A6]

Fury - Attacks deal double damage but double damage is received in return.

Inspired - Attacks deal +2 damage and +2 accuracy is gained. 

Protected - The next attack made against a protected target is nullified. Upon being attacked, this buff expires.

Riposte - +4 Dodge. If an attack against this target misses, the target gains a free counter attack turn.

Stealthed - See stealthed section in the previous category.

Thorns - Attackers take damage equal to the amount of thorn stacks the target currently has. Thorn damage can not be avoided.

More to come soon.

C Debuffs [A7]

ARMOURLESS / STRIPPED = Defense stat is brought down to a 0.

BLEEDING = -1 health per action. Lasts until healed.

BLIGHT = -2 HP per action. Lasts 10 turns.

BLINDED = Unable to attack or heal. Those who have blind characters are immune to this as they are used to being blind.

BURNING = -1 Health per turn, -2 Defense, & -2 Speed

CHARMED = Makes the user swap teams, causing them to attack for the enemy.

DEAFENED = -4 Charisma, -2 Knowledge, -3 Dodge

DEATH'S EMBRACE = The target can no longer be healed.

FEARED = -5 to all stats.

FIRE READY = The target is covered in oil or something flammable. -2 Speed, this debuff is required for a few specials used by enemies.

HOOKED = The target's speed is lowered to 0. 

MARKED = Double damage received. Attacks made against this target have +5 accuracy.

POISONED = -2 health per turn. 

PLAGUED = -4 health per turn.

ROT = Can not be healed. This debuff can not be cured while combat is ongoing. 

STUNNED = This user's turn is skipped. 

Image by Aida Batres
E Usage.png
Image by Scott Webb

Here you will find a few examples for how the misc attributes can be used during events. Note that the formula could differ based on the DM and situation.


Physical abilities with strenuous tasks, and your level of endurance. Generally augmented by a main-stat based on the situation.

Attempting to scale the side of a steep cliff = Athletics

Trying to push an insanely massive boulder off a cliff = Athletics + Strength

Struggling to outrun some boulder sent rolling towards you by 'friends' sitting up on a cliff = Athletics + Agility


Understanding of magical properties, such as wards, spell types, runic engravings, and aetherical values. Solely for knowing what kind of magic you're looking at; not your ability to use it.

Figuring out which kind of elemental barrier protects the evil siren from harm, and possibly how to dispel it = Arcana

Attempting to discern which type of aether is in the general area or emanating from something, voidly, or otherwise = Arcana

Reading the ancient runes of a spell engraved on a wall, sensing what they may be for, or a trap they could be tied to = Arcana


The ability to win over a crowd, inspire your allies with buffs, or even convince an enemy to throw down their arms. Rallying the party to raise their battle ferocity, with an impassioned speech! Maybe a chipper bardic tune! Increasing damage, boosting resolve, or resisting fear = Charisma

Showing off those pearly whites to impress a guard who works as a part-time dentist, gaining access to the door behind them = Charisma + Oral Hygiene

Playing a jaunty song while reciting an ancient poem of war, and love, hoping to convince the pineapple daemons to leave your friends be = Charisma


Your know-how and adaptability in the wilderness, or otherwise dangerous lands. Things such as non-magic medicinal skills, or hunting and cooking with only basic amenities.

Tracking an extremely deft creature whilst avoiding hungry shrubbery. Picking out sounds of danger before others = Survival

Doing your best to put together a makeshift campground with a fire, traps, and foraging for useful items = Survival

Trying to clean, disinfect, and patch up a nasty wound with basic first-aid since you forgot to bring a healer = Survival

Havark getting maimed by Lia = Unsurvival


Working with Magitek and other types of machinery and gear, without blowing a fuse, or having it blow you up.

Properly piloting an ever-dangerous piece of Garlean battle armor, such as a reaper = Mechanical

Trying to bypass a technically difficult lock, via some method or another. One of these buttons or wires must surely open the door = Mechanical


Your general ability as a useful know-it-all, and in a good way. Understanding the basic landscape, weather, and environments of any given location, or the average patrol patterns of guards by-faction.

Attempting to discern where the group should best approach the enemy camp from, and scouting it out for potential numbers and weapons = Knowledge

Knowing where to best procure information regarding heretical high-Ishgardian ointments = Knowledge

Doing your best to point out literally every new type of mushroom and plant the group walks by, knowing what best to avoid = Knowledge


Abilities relating to dexterous work, and risky manoeuvres. Staying light on your feet and knowing how to work a lock. Trying to snatch up valuable loot from an imperial camp under the cover of night = Finesse

Attempting to tightrope across a ravine, while carrying a basket of rowdy puppies rescued from the orphanage = Finesse Tumbling acrobatically over a set of wires which encase a hallway, or outright avoiding the trap inevitably triggered while attempting that = Finesse

Image by Daniel McCullough
Image by Praveen Sundarajan

To get started with character sheet creation, view the channel titled "Csheet-creation"

If you have any questions you can message the Sheet Creation Bot and an Officer will assist you when they are free. You can find the bot to message within the Csheet-Creation channel.

Note that this system is still a work in progress. Changes will be made as issues arise. If the overall reception of this system is negative, we will not use it. This is a test and we will see how it goes! Feel free to give us feedback.

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[A9] C Sheet C
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