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The Sapphire Rose is a Sub-Division set on dealing with otherworldly foes and dangerous creatures. From Voidsent to the Undead, they seek to do away with evil should they sprout its ugly head.


1. You must have the determination to deal with these foes. hesitation only leads to death. The Voidsent especially capitalize on trickery and deception.

2. You must not hide any ailments or curses you've acquired on these trips. 'Waiting it out' usually does not help. If a curse has been dealt on you during any of these missions, please speak up. it may be the difference between life or death.

3. Lastly, patience. If you are one to rush in without a plan, this is not the division for you. We deal with powerful creatures, you could cost the whole division their lives if you're not careful.


Rose Hunter/Huntress

The highest rank possible. When you have truly proven yourself within the Azure Flames and the Sapphire Rose.

Rose Slayer

You are capable of handling yourself well. More dangerous tasks would be issued to you.

Rose Initiate

Fresh Blood.


Contact X'valori Juun for information. With a simple interview, she could determine if you are able. Any of the Rose Hunters/Huntresses may do this as well.


Check in with the website or X'valori Juun for when events are posted, mostly available on weekends.

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