Broken Tower Contract Agency

"Ad Adstra per Aspera"


It is of the Council's will that the Flames broaden our relations with the city-states, so the Broken Tower will serve to build fundamental relationships with the commonfolk of Eorzea.


Though we will at times not receive traditional Gil-based compensation, we intend to gain concessions through material pledges, premium trade deals with merchants and salvage rights during operations. At each meeting, the attendees will vote on one of a pair of contracts to undertake. These missions, while holding within the common charters and regulations of the Eorzea Alliance ..may skim the edges of such laws.


The Broken Tower office will always be available to those who participate.


The Azure Flames 'Code of Conduct' will be upheld before all else. Besides that, the Chief & the Deputies serve only to run the content; our table is round and as such we welcome all opinions on matters of concern.


We will use the traditional Battle System as outlined on the website: Click Here

If the attending players choose to test the Advanced System, we could run it as well: Click Here


- Chief:   PENDING

- Deputy:

- Deputy: 

- Field Agents: Any Flames who choose to participate!

How To Join