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Affiliates are free companies, venues, and or groups of people that we have chosen to partner with for one reason or another. Affiliates are about providing support in some manner. This can range from advertising to assistance with staff to partnering together for other events.

We are strict with who we partner with as we strive to ensure that our affiliates maintain a certain level of quality. 

If you are interested in joining the affiliate team, visit this page - which you can navigate to by clicking this yellow text.

Our affiliates will be listed below. You can click on their logo to be taken to their carrd page for additional information.


The Redhawk Alliance have been our neighbors for a few years! Located right next door at plot 12, they run an adventure style tavern - quite similar to ours. They are a medium sized group that runs missions along with the occasional public event. 


One of the many venues to use Azure in their name besides us. The Azure Lance operates as a bar mixed with a lounge and casino experience. They are one of the few venues to mix these elements together while maintaining an immersive roleplaying experience. 

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