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Food Menu

Main Entrees

Bomb's A Tasty Steak

A steak shaped like the infamous Bomb monster-- it's got a bit of spice and a good kick, for those who wish a challenge.

Sushi, I Sea

Using the methods of making sushi from Kugane, we've created plates that will fill your tummy. Enjoy anything from the basic rolls to the more advanced--a delicious treat for all!

Malboro Salad

Lettuce, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more delicious veggies added into a salad bowl mixed with a dressing of your choice. The option of an onion center for those who want 'bad breath' for the day!

Bison Rack O' Ribs

From the strongest of Bison, their meat makes some of the best ribs that we get to cook. From our kitchen to your bellies, enjoy a delicious dinner!

Chocobo Kweh Wark

A tasty sandwich made with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mustard placed on a toasted bun with a Chocobo design in the center.

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