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Foxa Sulti


Basic Information


Age - 22

Marital Status - Single

Height - 4'10

Body Shape - Curvy

Scars - None

Birthplace - Gridania

F.C. - Azure Flames

G.C. - Maelstorm

Sexuality - Bisexual

Injuries - None



Foxa is rather short for a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, standing at four feet and ten inches, she tends to look up to most when she speaks, even if just a tad. Beginning on her head, she has long, silky, sunny-orange locks that flow down past her shoulders, complimenting her dark green, catlike eyes. Further, her red face paint that she wears commonly- Horizontal lines under her eyes and atop her markings, frame them as any who might catch her playful stare.

Traveling down her waifish frame, though small in stature, she has an appealing figure to fill out her wardrobe, with a chest size larger than most. Though lacking in muscle in most areas, her legs are a bit more defined than the rest, giving an attentive eye reason to believe that her ability to leap like a cat isn't too shabby in the slightest




Foxa was born in Gridania as an only child. Her parents would work as hunters out in the Shroud, bringing back pelts, meat and whatever else they could find along the way to sell to merchants. She grew up traveling from place to place, as her parents continued to hunt to make a living. At the age of ten, her father left to wander, leaving her mother to continue raising her. Around this time, Foxa's mother taught her how to wield a bow, Although it would take her some time to become skilled at Archery. Along the way she'd learn some tricks about botany, to help with the gathering of plants and herbs within the Shroud.

When she came of age, Foxa left the care of her mother for a life of adventure and exploration. She would travel throughout the vast forests of the Black Shroud, slaying wild beasts and doing battle with bandits and poachers!

It was an experimental time for Foxa; training with a multitude of arms with no master to instruct her. She would eventually take favor to lances, swords, and daggers, though she would never master them due to the burden it would be to lug the extra weapons around.

After a few years of a vagabond's life, Foxa decided that it was time to commit to something more than herself. She would make her way to Ul'dah in search for allies. After a couple of weeks of searching, she found enough people to make a team of adventurers, which cost her most of her gil.

Foxa and her team traveled all over Thanalan; battling bandits, hunting dangerous monsters, and helping out the folk who needed it. Over time, she gained profit from doing this work and funneled it back to her team for expansion, equipment, and training. From this, the Azure Flames would be born: an adventuring Free Company seeking to aid those in need and to slay any dangers that they were able to handle.

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