Main Entrees

10 Gil
Feisty Fin Filet

Thin, delicate fins of a giant Limsan fish. Topped with spicy spices.


An Azure specialty. A mozzarella and peperoni garlicy pizza with an olive oil crust.

25 Gil
Bomb's A Tasty Burger

A burger shaped like the infamous Bomb monster-- it's got a bit of spice and a good kick, for those who wish a challenge.

15 Gil

Lettuce, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more delicious veggies added into a salad bowl mixed with a dressing of your choice. The option of an onion center for those who want 'bad breath' for the day!

12 Gil
Malboro Salad

A tasty sandwich made with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mustard placed on a toasted bun with a Chocobo design in the center.

10 Gil
Chocobo Kweh Wark

Using the methods of making sushi from Kugane, we've created plates that will fill your tummy. Enjoy anything from the basic rolls to the more advanced--a delicious treat for all!

16 Gil
Sushi, I Sea

From the strongest of Bison, their meat makes some of the best ribs that we get to cook. From our kitchen to your bellies, enjoy a delicious dinner!

17 Gil
Bison Rack O' Ribs
Midgardsormr's Chili

While you may not be able to breathe flames, it will make you feel as if you could. This hearty bowl of spicy fiery chili will surely wake you up! No dragons are harmed in the making of this.

22 Gil

A flavorful chicken doused in a rich, creamy, peanut sauce. Served with a bowl of rice and garnished with fresh tomatoes.

30 Gil
Peanut Chicken

Eight, large, sticks of spider meat! ... It is really just chicken legs, but you can use your imagination!

Roasted Spider Legs
13 Gil

Boneless lamb chops cooked with rum and covered in a spice to deliver that extra kick!

30 Gil
Lunging Lamb Chops
10 Gil
Rutroot Surprise

Chewy, tough root with meat, cheese, and gravy inside.

Side Snacks

Some call these Fried Fries, we call them Sticks of Potato! 

Sticks Of Potato
5 Gil
Rum Rings
12 Gil

Onion rings made from a rum-filled batter. Greasy, tasty, and delicious!

Deep Fried Bananas
8 Gil

Fried bananas, fried to the point of just shy of too soft. Covered with a sweet honey sauce! 

Big Baguette
3 Gil

A big baguette! Recommended for date nights.

Bloody Bite

A wretched fruit that singes the heart. Highly sour and acidic.

2 Gil
Slither Sting

A painfully hot pepper. Order this one alone if you want an extra challenge.

1 Gil
Ruby Rime Berries

Berries from the Ruby Sea served frozen and draped in a light dressing.

7 Gil
Seasoned Sage Starfish

A sea star roasted in herb and garlic!

7 Gil

What do you get when you mix cactus and apple together in the kitchen? ... Well, if we told you it wouldn't be a surprise.

Cactus Apple Surprise
11 Gil
Pineapple Bread
4 Gil

Bread baked with pineapple! Sweet and yummy!

Grandest Bean

A gigantic single bean that can sate most appetites.

24 Gil

Canned meat of unknown orgin.

1 Gil
Mysterious Truffle

A mysterious truffle found growing in one of the Private Chambers, edible.

1 Gil
Rock Yam

Tough exterior, juicy citrus interior.

4 Gil
Citrind Jam
6 Gil

Zeisty mix of citrus and pepper skins.

Sweet Treats

Moogle Pom-Pom Pancakes
11 Gil

Shaped like a Moogle's pom-pom and covered in strawberries, this delicious pancake is decked out to make a moogle squeal in delight from how sweet it is!

Made with plenty of fresh fruit this will tickle the taste buds of those who enjoy a sweet treat and sprinkled with edible 'fairy dust' sprinkles.

Fairy Fruit Salad
13 Gil

Green Tea ice cream covered in 'spiky' sprinkles and topped with chocolate!

Cactuar Sundae
5 Gil
6 Gil
Flan Pudding

A pudding made out of flan! This one won't make funny faces at you though!

Cheesebarley Pie

A thick pie that manages to be both savory and sweet.

19 Gil

A crunchy green toffee that tastes of perfect chocolate shaped like a tonberry's knife! Dare you take a bite of the deliciously sweet treat?

Tonberry Toffee
3 Gil
Creamcake Pie

A dense sugary pie made from a secret Azure recipe.

12 Gil
Costa Cakes

Chalky, airy biscuits, lightly honeyed. The recipe comes from a cook in Costa del Sol.

7 Gil

Assorted Cakes

18 Gil

Pineapple Ponzecake

A homemade buttery pound cake with a lovely texture and pineapple flavor and a hint of rum.

7 Gil

Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cake

These mini raspberry vanilla mini cakes are layered with a creamy vanilla frosting and raspberry jam. Try one if you've got a sweet tooth!

14 Gil

Pixieberry Cheesecake

Rich, indulgent cheesecake swirled through with a ribbon of sweet pixieberry sauce.

9 Gil

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

Topped with chocolate ganache and fresh berries. Doesn’t get any better than this!