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The Azure Cafe


"Where adventurers and food lovers can meet! 
With a variety of options on our menus and various contracts, bounties, and jobs there is something for everyone here. We have top notch staff, great entertainment, and tons of opportunities."


The Azure Cafe is where the Flames call home. The base is built up around the theme of being a cafe, allowing us to host a variety of events for the public!

The Cafe has a notice board, filled with various contracts and adventure requests. Allowing us to help those who are in need of assistance with the completion of contracts or tasks.



One of the more unique ideas behind the Azure Cafe is to incorporate adventure. 
Not only will this just be a place to sit and eat, but it will also be a place where one can find contracts and missions. 
Upon an adventure board, various tasks with a wide range of difficulty are posted. 
If you are feeling adventurous, you might accept one of these contracts and locate a group of fellow adventurers to complete the task with.

We have some amazing Event Coordinators who can run some great events!

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