December 9, 2019

 It is time for the Storynight!

Daijin Mavik went first to tell a story! Here is what he said:

"Me and my friend, Raha....were best buddies. Hunting partners and partners in crime until the end....that was until I took up a job to hunt a, it doesn't sound...

November 4, 2019

The first story night of November and the spooky decorations still remain!

Here are the stories that were told!

Foxa went first, and told the famous Dragonfly Tale with Shayna this time!

"This is the story of how Shay met her bestest companion, Mister Dragonfly! It starte...

October 20, 2019

 The Cafe has ended for the night, and this one was filled with activities and announcements!

In the Battle of the Bard Off Quinn went up against Lady Eventide with Celene performing the dancing duties. 

Lady Eventide ended up winning by quite the large vote yet Quinn pu...

October 6, 2019

The Cafe Night has started and is still underway!

Here are the staff members for tonight:

Supervisor - Tyrniwarg

Cook - Zakku'zi

Bard - Quin

Dancer - Luna

Waitress - U'sagi & Adam

Guard - Roreaux & Altare

Bartender - Rennir

Greeter - Alice

Namazu Man - Drais

Head on over for some...

October 4, 2019

We spent the day at Red Hawk Alliance's event today!

There was a bar and lots of food but the most important part was the fashion show!

The mighty Foxa is all dressed up for it!

September 30, 2019

Within the Arena two teams fight it out!

Roreaux and Little Stabby vs Alice and Saran!

The final two, Stabby and Alice, fight it out for the arena champion!

The winner, of course, turns out to be... St- Nope, Alice! The mighty bunny takes out the stabber and slasher and d...

September 23, 2019

Within the dark and deep tunnels the Flames fought and battled several Kobolds all of which wore objects upon their heads. The group battled Kobolds wearing pots, buckets, helmets, and spikey helmets! 

The objective was to recover a special pot which was stolen from a n...

August 22, 2019

We're hanging out at the beach within the Mist to celebrate Summer before it fades away!

Come and join us for some fun and games!

July 25, 2019

We made some new friends tonight in Gridania! One of them happens to be Keruh'sae Tia who joined up with the Free Company as a cook! 

Highlights of the night include:

- Abi and Alisha's return

- Kata Reena announcing her first big event

- Keruh joining the Free Company


June 22, 2019

 It is time for the Combat Fields once again!

This time, the following are fighting for the prize within our Free Company:

Misaki Inoue and Fujiko Mit'Sunai, who is on medical duty. 

The prize pool for this tournament is:

1st - 3,900,000 Gil

2nd - 2,600,000 Gil

3rd - 1,300,0...

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