August 25, 2019

 Today was the day for the Azure Cafe!

We had a large number of people present, roughly eight from outside of the Free Company!

We had Absin as our cook with Artura and Augustine acting as our bartenders. Alice Tsukagami was our amazing greeter whilst Furi Kaisuri was ou...

August 22, 2019

We're hanging out at the beach within the Mist to celebrate Summer before it fades away!

Come and join us for some fun and games!

August 19, 2019

 The home page has been updated with a new photo! 

All of these stylish people. The other pictures will be updated with newer ones as well once we get some awesome pictures!

August 19, 2019

We met up over within the Wayside Cafe! Located over within ward 15 of the Mist, apartment room #54 you can find all kinds of amazing sweets!

August 14, 2019

Tonight was story night! 

The Flames and a few guests gathered around the campfire to exchange stories. Mhinx told one about her childhood whilst Drais told a tale about one of his contracts.

Foxa then told the following story about a mission the Flames went on. 

Lucky, G...

August 10, 2019

 Contracts have been assigned!

"A large and aggressive Sandworm has been recently causing issues to those in the Forgotten Springs, South Thanalan. Locate the beast and put an end to it."

has been assigned to Rhys and Renna

"Rumors coming from the Golden Bazaar tell of su...

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