May 30, 2019

Today we had another City Social!

This one was located within Limsa Lominsa once again, though the location had others present this time! Anda made an appearance as did a few other new faces, though Aliss did not make a showing as he is still banned from Lominsa due to...

May 30, 2019

Aliss has won this month's Screenshot Contest. The theme was food!

The next theme will be announced in a few days.

May 26, 2019

[12:07 p.m.][FC]<Asher Netherfang> There was one time where I was at an internet cafe and we were all trying to play a game together, but it was so laggy so I just screamed out "GET THE FUCK OFF OF PORNHUB" and then 2 seconds later the lag cleared up

May 26, 2019

[7:58 p.m.]Asher Netherfang: "Well, I took a trip to Ishguard. I almost froze to death. I saw that one pole with all the street signs on it. I walked up to it, made my introduction, told it it looked very nice today, and then I licked it."

May 26, 2019

 Tonight is social night! With a special game. Kiwi decided we should work on our art skills with a game she has created. Members take turns drawing an image while the others guess what they are drawing! Satomi was the winner with Domiki coming in second and Kiwi in th...

May 24, 2019

Today is the Eventide Market day! Also, the Tournament of Hydaelin was going on at the same time, allowing us to both watch some sparring while selling goods. Due to the activity of the other event, there were more people to sell to! Aliss set up with his food AND WAS...

May 16, 2019

 Today is the City Social, and Sairen has made her first showing within the Free Company, despite being a little camera shy! 

Brave brought some Roe friends, likely to plot some evil Roe Roe plans.

Everyone else gathered at various tables for conversation, food, and...

May 11, 2019

 Written By Sunan

On the Tenth Sun of the Third Astral Moon this year, the organizers of the Combat Fields held their one-year anniversary tournament. I was in attendance, alongside several others from my free company, including our boss. I was one of fifty entrants, lo...

May 11, 2019

 Starting up soon is the Combat Fields!

The Prize Pool is:
Champion - 1,00,000 Gil + Level and Story Boost from Mogstation + Mount of choice from Mog Station

Runner-up - 650,000 Gil + Any Mount from Mogstation + One (1) Class OR Story Boost of choice from Mog Station


May 9, 2019

Coming up today at 7:00 PM PDT!

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