January 29, 2019

 Today, the Free Company gathered in the cold snow for a big snowball fight!

 Mari, Aliss, and Ciri were the first three to show up. Soon many more came though.

After a few minutes of throwing snow, everyone sat down for some stories and fun! Thus, ended the Snowball Fig...

January 28, 2019

Introduction Chapter

The Chosen's Schemes - Kobald Klaims 

"Having heard reports of cultists aligning with kobolds, the Stalwart Embers gathered to find out what they could. Unbeknownst to them, their true prey was waiting for them. A robed figure wielding Void magic com...

January 28, 2019

 The plan is set, and so it is time to announce The Stalwart Ember's first public event, The Dashing Date Auction!

Be sure to check it out on the 13th of February. Contact an officer if you have any questions!

January 27, 2019

Mari celebrated her nameday! After a busy day of adventure, many Embers came to wish our little Knight Commander a happy one in the dining room. Alisst’a the baking lancer worked hard behind the scenes to create a vanilla cake large enough for everyone. R’asmus lit the...

January 17, 2019

The Free Company gathered at The Ember Base for our second big social event!

This time everyone took turns telling stories. Swiftmend told a story about capturing Ifritt in a bird cage while Ciri told a warrior's tale! A'sh and some others told stories as well!


January 16, 2019

 A new adventure begins in the world of Hydaelyn!

Get your sword and steel ready as we explore, make new friends, and host a collection of new storylines as The Stalwart Embers!

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