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The Azure Guard is a group of dedicated individuals that wish to help the company in the way of security. Unlike the ways of the Adventurers, or Mercenaries, the Azure Guard exists to be a force to prevent conflict in areas of the company house and holdings that are not meant for things. (IE outside the fighting ring) and to prevent loud and unruly disturbances that could hinder other operations. When the new guard operates it will be with a minimal amount of authority, as we are not officers, we are a peacekeeping force, we are there to be a Shield, or a deterrent to a force other to us, such as putting ourselves between two people about to deck it down during a tavern night, or silently asking people to take a twenty minute break out of the estate to cool off if they are snapping at people left and right.


With this role, and this division comes a set of rules one will follow, and one will need to pay attention to closely while you are on the estate grounds, acting in the divisions stead.

-Absolutely do not Instigate or provoke fights with other members, doing so will result in a reprimand from Rhawa or another member who can act in his stead.

-Do not conduct illegal activities that are not permitted in the jurisdiction of Ul'dah, doing so will result in dismissal from the division.

-Give a heads up when you are ON and OFF duty, when LEAVING duty please take 10-20 minutes before re-entering a scene so that a person cannot simply change ON and OFF duty at will during intense scenes.

-We are NOT officers, (Unless you are outside of division) we do NOT have true Authority, we are meant to be peacekeepers, and as such, Abuse of power within this Division will result in Immediate Removal from it, your job is to keep people safe, through distraction, removal from company grounds or other, we CANNOT Ban/kick people from the company house without Higher up permission.

-Drinking is allowed on the job, as long as you don't become a drunkard and start making a fool of yourself. -When dealing with situations, keep a level, calm head, using an ESTEEM if a dark knight is prohibited in any situation while ON duty.

If you are reading this and notice a member conducting themselves in this way whom are part of the Division, please report it to Rhawa Black-iron


Get in contact with: Rhawa Black-Iron, or somebody he puts in his stead. Members to be considered will need 2 months of Guard training (past or current) with a combat training of at least 2 forms, (archer, spear, or magic and sword as examples). You will be expected to be on your best behavior when ON duty, and not to make a complete mockery of the guards when OFF duty, which will be watched for a week upon joining, then there will be a follow up of how you have done.

OOC Info

We are NOT officers, remember this, we do not have authority of them, that is given by the company leads, and is a special role within the company, we are simply peacekeepers, attempting to keep -->IC<-- issues calm and collected, and remove troublemakers, WITH PERMISSION from officers, from the estate.

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