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The purpose of an alchemical division is just that, the study and manufacturing of alchemicals and their application to the Free Company at large. Too often have mysterious fluids and random knick knacks of unidentified materials been presented to the Company at large. The division creates mixtures that will at large aid and support other divisions, such as the adventurers, the medical division, perhaps even some additions to cafe nights such as unique additives to food and drink. The ways in which such an addition to the Flames could be helpful are nearly incalculable. From healing salves, to sleeping draughts. Organizing all of the well meaning alchemists both skilled and inexperienced under one umbrella and towards a purpose can only benefit the Flames in any endeavor.


Joining should be as simple as filling out a small form, having had some experience with alchemicals and their applications or a willingness to learn. Members are expected to fulfill orders from the other divisions first and foremost before performing any other experiments or personal projects. All projects should be reported to the head of the division and the proper form filled upon completion


Della Nhil

OOC Info

I don’t intend for this to be overly bureaucratic or anything, I just wrote it IC as Della so it’s. You know, very verbose and extra. I think having a little division for it would be cute however and taking people out on IC supply runs or deliveries would be pretty fun.

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